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There are two varieties of Border Collie. Both have a soft, dense, weather resistant double coat. In puppies, the coat is short, soft, dense and water resistant, becoming the undercoat in adult dogs. The rough coat is medium to long, texture from flat to slightly wavy. Short and smooth coat on face. Forelegs feathered. Rear pasterns may have coat trimmed short. With advancing age, coats may become very wavy and are not faulted. The smooth coat is short over entire body. May have feathering on forelegs and fuller coat on chest.


Moisturizing Shampoo
  Moisturizing Shampoo
A luxurious blend of special oils and vitamins creates the ideal shampoo for dry and damaged coats. It conditions while it cleans and enhances soft silky coats without losing body. Easy-to-rinse, low-sudsing formula leaves no residue. Highly concentrated (16:1) and affordable.
  Moisturizing Shampoo 8-Ounce   $10.00 
  Moisturizing Shampoo Quart   $35.00 
  Moisturizing Shampoo Gallon   $65.00 

Need fluff?  Tired of conditioners that make coats limp?  At last, a unique, long-lasting conditioner formulated to increase volume and body.  Special ingredients penetrate the hair shaft and make it plump with moisture.  Helps strengthen and repair coat to prevent breakage.  Puts a hard gloss on short coats.  Spectacular regular conditioner for coarse double and wire coats.

  Reconstructor 4-Ounce   $7.50 
  Reconstructor 8-Ounce   $10.00 
  Reconstructor 16-Ounce   $17.50 
  Reconstructor Quart   $35.00 
  Reconstructor Gallon   $65.00 
Spirit Collection of Fine Fragrances
  Devoted   $15.00 

The Border Collie is intelligent, alert and responsive. Affectionate towards friends, he may be sensibly reserved towards strangers and therefore makes an excellent watchdog. An intensive worker while herding, he is eager to learn and to please, and thrives on human companionship


Apply full strength Moisture Plus liberally to the mat. Wait 15 minutes. Pull mat gently apart with fingers or comb.

Dry, damaged Coat

Our version of a hot oil treatment: Wet dog with warm water, apply Moisture Plus liberally. Wrap in hot towel for 15-20 minutes. Shampoo with Moisturizing Shampoo and rinse.

Dingy White Coat

Use Cleansing Shampoo on the first lather, wait 5 minutes then rinse. Follow with Texturizing Shampoo lather and rinse.

Increase Undercoat

Line brush daily with Maxicare as soon as dog is finished shedding

Showing on a hot, dry day Use Maxicare as your only coat dressing
Showing without full undercoat

Texturizing Mist (diluted 50:50 with water) while line brushing will hold coat up long enough for judging.

Spot Whitening/Urine Stains

Use a small amount of Cleansing Shampoo full strength, wait 5 minutes and rinse

Extra Volume

Super Coat (diluted 50-50 with water) while line brushing. If very humid try Texturizing Mist instead.

Shedding around house Spray with Maxicare and brush daily. Be sure to get down to skin. Nothing will prevent shedding completely. It is a normal, necessary process for these breeds.

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