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Grooming Tips by Breed
Current Grooming Tips
Below is a list of Grooming Tips with the most recent ones listed first.
On the head, the hair is short and fine; on the body, it is of medium length, with enough undercoating to give protection. The ears, chest, abdomen and legs are well feathered,
There are two types of Collie coat. ROUGH: The well-fitting, proper-textured coat is the crowning glory of the rough variety of Collie.
The Curly-coated Retrieve coat is a distinguishing characteristic and quite different from that of any other breed. The body coat is a thick mass of small, tight, crisp curls, lying close to the skin
Smooth Dachshund: Short, smooth and shining. Should be neither too long nor too thick. Ears not leathery. Tail-Gradually tapered to a point, well but not too richly haired. Long sleek bristles on the underside are considered a patch of strong-growing hair.
The Dalmation coat is short, dense, fine and close fitting. It is neither woolly nor silky. It is sleek, glossy and healthy in appearance.
The hair in the Dandy Dinmont coat should be about two inches long; the body coat is a mixture of about 2/3 hardish hair with about 1/3 soft hair, giving a sort of crisp texture.
Smooth-haired, short, hard, thick and close lying. Invisible gray undercoat on neck permissible
Dogue de Bordeaux
While the Dogue de Bordeaux is a very large dog with a ferocious appearance, it is in fact, one of the most affectionate, calm, and companionable breeds in existence.
The hair on the head is short and fine; of medium length on body; flat or slightly wavy; silky in texture.
The English Setter coat is flat without curl or wooliness. Feathering on ears, chest, abdomen, underside of thighs, back of all legs and on the tail of good length
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