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Why Have So Many Different Products?

A breed is a relatively homogeneous group of animals within a species, developed and maintained by man. All dogs, impure as well as purebred, and several wild cousins such as wolves and foxes, are one family. Man, using selective breeding to get desired qualities created each breed. Through the ages, man designed dogs that could hunt, guard, or herd according to his needs.

Coat texture and quality along with the temperament or character of a breed is often critical to its being able to perform its designated task. Even though dogs may be mainly companions today, the written standards that breeders and judges use to determine the ideal individual for the breed are based on these original tasks.

The Cindra product line offers customers a sufficiently different number of products to enable them to create the unique coat required by their breed. Using Cindra can be easy if you follow our basic instructions. However, if you apply your imagination and creativity you can develop the correct combination of products for individual coats for spectacular results.

The information on the following pages will help you understand the AKC standard for your breed’s coat and character. How to utilize CINDRA products for routine grooming and solving coat problems is also described. This information is based on feedback from our customers.

Below is a list of general instructions and product recommendations for the three basic coat type.



Below is a list of Grooming Tips with the most recent ones listed first.
General Instructions for Coarse Double Coats
The coarse double coat has a long outer coat that is harsh and stiff. Underneath is a soft, downy undercoat that is shed annually. Cindra products are uniquely designed to enhance this difficult coat no matter what stage it is in.
General Instructions for Soft & Silky Coats
The soft and silky coat requires a lot of moisture. Often long and flowing, the coat needs to be protected against breaking and matting. Using Cindra products allows you to take optimal care of these beautiful coats simply and easily.
General Instructions for Wire Coats
Many wire-coated breeds were developed to go through brambles and briars during a hunt. They needed extremely coarse, "wiry" outer hairs to protect them. The Cindra texturizing products would be appropriate.
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