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Super Coat

  Super Coat

This product earns its name. Build needed volume and body without buildup. Non-aerosol mousse leaves coat feeling clean and natural. Reduce scissor marks on poodles and bichons. A light mist before towel drying produces an easy-to-comb coat with body and shine.

  Super Coat 8-Ounce   $10.00 
  Super Coat Quart   $35.00 
  Super Coat Gallon   $65.00 


When you have to show in the hot, dry sun, try Maxicare. This light moisturizer will protect the coat from the drying sun without making it limp. Preferred coat dressing in southern and western climates. Suggested Use: Excellent styling tool for dry and arid climates; helps undercoat develop quickly.

  Maxicare 8-Ounce   $10.00 
  Maxicare Quart   $35.00 
  Maxicare Gallon   $65.00 
Texturizing Mist

  Texturizing Mist

Not quite enough undercoat for an upcoming show? Use Texturizing Mist for short-term lift & hold when you're trying to get those last shows in. Maintain hard wire texture on terriers. Can even help fill-in a sparse, thin coat during show preparation. Added bonus - sparkle!!!

  Texturizing Mist 8-Ounce   $10.00 
  Texturizing Mist Quart   $35.00 
  Texturizing Mist Gallon   $65.00 

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