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Sculpting Gel

  Sculpting Gel

High gloss and hold with a natural feel! Adds body to improve toplines. Use on legs to improve look of substance. Control flyaway hairs with ease. Versatile, non-flaky formula that dilutes in water if you need a spray on texturizer. Suggested Use: Hold top knots, flyaway hairs, eyebrows and mustaches in place; add volume, control pouf coats, improve outlines.

  Sculpting Gel 4-Ounce   $7.75 
  Sculpting Gel 16-Ounce   $17.50 


The most versatile hairspray you'll find. Create different textures from stiff to natural. Create the look of more coat when needed. A professional strength, non-aerosol spray for that perfect finishing touch. Suggested Use: Finishing spray, add volume or body, stiffen outer coats and topknots or other special coat areas.

  Pro-Spray 8-Ounce   $10.00 
  Pro-Spray Quart   $35.00 
  Pro-Spray Gallon   $65.00 

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