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There are two types of Chow?s coat; rough and smooth. Both are double coated.

There are two types of Chow's coat; rough and smooth. Both are double coated. Rough-In the rough coat, the outer coat is abundant, dense, straight and offstanding, rather coarse in texture; the undercoat soft, thick and wooly. Puppy coat soft, thick and wooly overall. The coat forms a profuse ruff around the head and neck, framing the head. The coat and ruff generally longer in dogs than in bitches. Tail well feathered. The coat length varies markedly on different Chows and thickness, texture and condition should be given greater emphasis than length. Obvious trimming or shaping is undesirable. Trimming of the whiskers, feet and metatarsals optional. Smooth-The smooth coated Chow... has a hard, dense, smooth outer coat with a definite undercoat. There should be no obvious ruff or feathering on the legs or tail.

Keen intelligence, an independent spirit and innate dignity give the Chow an aura of aloofness. It is a Chow's nature to be reserved and discerning with strangers


LOYAL - Spirit Collection of Fragrances

Detangling/DemattingApply full strength Moisture Plus liberally to the mat. Wait 15 minutes. Pull mat gently apart with fingers or comb.
Dry, damaged CoatOur version of a hot oil treatment: Wet dog with warm water, applyMoisture Plus liberally. Wrap in hot towel for 15-20 minutes. Shampoowith Moisturizing Shampoo and rinse.
Increase UndercoatLine brush daily with Maxicare as soon as dog is finished shedding
Showing on a hot, dry dayUse Maxicare as your only coat dressing
Showing without full undercoatTexturizing Mist (diluted 50:50 with water) while line brushing will hold coat up long enough for judging.
Extra VolumeSuper Coat (diluted 50-50 with water) while line brushing. If very humid try Texturizing Mist instead.
Shedding around houseSpray with Maxicare and brush daily. Be sure to get down to skin.Nothing will prevent shedding completely. It is a normal, necessaryprocess for these breeds.