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Russell Terrier

Posted by Nic 11/30/-0001 0 Comment(s) Miscellaneous Group,
An alert, lively, active, keen terrier with a very intelligent expression.


May be smooth, broken or rough. Must be weatherproof: all coat types have an undercoat and a harsh outer coat. Coats are preferably natural and unaltered. The conformation underneath is the same with no preference being given to any particular coat type. The belly and underside should be well covered. The terrier is shown in its natural coat with minimal grooming. Sculpted furnishings are to be severely penalized.

Smooth– A dense short, coarse smooth hair with an undercoat.

Broken– Intermediate length hair, between smooth and rough, usually with facial furnishings and possibly a slight ridge down the back.

Rough– Harsh and dense hair with an undercoat. Not thin, woolly, curly or silky.


An alert, lively, active, keen terrier with a very intelligent expression. The sporting character of the Russell Terrier is that of a spirited and game hunter. Their intensity for life is one of their most endearing traits. They are playful, curious, loyal and affectionate.

Soft CoatMist with full strength Texturizing Mist and brush
Dingy White CoatUse Cleansing Shampoo on the first lather, wait 5 minutes then rinse. Follow with Texturizing Shampoo lather and rinse.
Thin leg furnishings/feathersSpray daily with Maxicare and brush
Chalk HelperMoisture Plus
Dry, damaged CoatOur version of a hot oil treatment: Wet dog with warm water, apply Moisture Plus liberally. Wrap in hot towel for 15-20 minutes. Shampoo with Moisturizing Shampoo and rinse.
Mustache and EyebrowsApply Sculpting Gel and comb into position