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Recent Success Stories


Rio's First Major

Rio is my special heart dog.  He has given me everything and i only 5 years old.  He doesnt have any group AKC wins but does well at international shows.  I continue to special him off and on whil we work and do performance.  I am a groomer and have used many products on this boy to get a stunning coat but they all failed... money spent and nothing but a limp coat UNTIL I tried CINDRA!  I am one happy camper, my boy looks awesome!  When we are competing in performance, working or just out and about I will do a quick bursh up with CINDRA and he looks ready to hit the ring and compete in ANY WEATHER!  It's even easy on my checkbook!

--Angie Dobbins

Red's First Major

I am an owner/handler and believe it or not my first toy ever shown and finished has been my little guy Red! He has won multiple Reserve Best in Show in UKC, multiple Group Placements in International, and finished AKC with Three Majors!  The ONLY thing I have ever used on my little guy has been CINDRA and it has held up under humidity, dry weather and different temperatures. It always gives Red a wonderful looking coat that is manageable without having to wash it out after a show weeekend.

--Angie Dobbins

I am a customer forever! I tried the Cindra products and I love them. They make such a difference in Chloe's coat, it's amazing! The price is great. I was using Isle of Dogs however I couldn't afford everything I needed to get my dogs coat in good condition so I tried Cindra. Not only do they cost less they work better than the others.

--Diana Colbert






I love these products! I have been showing Shelties for many years, and have tried and used almost everything on the market when it comes to Shampoo and grooming sprays. So many products would weigh down the coat, or worse, make it soft and silky. This is not what we want in the Shetland Sheepdog- they are supposed to have a harsh double coat with a stand-off quality.

It was very difficult to find a shampoo for my show dogs that did not weigh down the coat and make it look soft and dull the day following the bath. When I used the Cindra texturizing shampoo I was hooked. It doesn't alter the coat in any way- it cleans and adds body, but that is it, leaving the coat in it's natural rough form. It also smells great. Such a good product.

Another that I have made a staple is the Super Coat. I dilute this with distilled water in my spray bottles and start applying it a few days before the show, and on my final brushing at the show. It enhances color, adds body, but does not weigh down the coat or make it feel artificial.

I can't wait to try some of the other Cindra products I have had my eye on!

--Shayne Gurry






I just can't say enough wonderful things about CINDRA!!! So I wanted to take the time to tell you how special your product really is. I have been using it now for 6 years and no other product will replace it. As a breeder and exhibitor of Rat Terriers that also work on my farm, I needed a product that gets the dogs clean for the show ring!

Owning and showing the #1 Rat Terriers in the Nation in 2008, 2009 and currently in 2010 as well as other top ten qualifiers since 2005: It's important to me how my dogs are presented and how healthy the coat stays. I am always being told how wonderful my dogs coats look and how shiny they are. They really do stand out among the other dogs in the ring. I just love the confidence I feel when it's raining outside and the dogs have to be taken out prior to showing that they will come in and be able to be wiped right off.

I am really pleased with your product and hope others are too!


--Stacy McWilliams

I wanted to take a few moments to write you about your wonderful products...I have been using Super Coat for over 10 years now & would NOT be without it.  I have recommended it to so many of my friends & now when we go to shows & run out, we share with each other because so many times we can't even buy it at the shows!  What a helpless feeling!!!  Well, I have a stockpile now & another friend got me hooked on the Maxicare, and it too is a remarkable product.  WOW !!! I use the sculpting glaze to keep the tail and britches in place and the Texturizing Mist is now also part of my collection of  'must haves'  for the shows.


I love the way all the products smell &  I have never used anything that does better than the Super Coat.  I am so pleased that it doesn't weight down the coat, enhances it and builds remarkable volume, which is sooooo important when you show a double-coated breed and they are blowing or down on coat!  I am so totally sold on this I should be a distributor for you.  Thanks again...and here's a photo of my newest little future show-boy, Teddy, aka Paradise Kees' Island Gigolo and my 9-month old, Coko, aka Novel Journey Into Paradise Kees


-- Linda Samuel


I have shown to Championships at least 12 Giant Schnauzers and 3 Miniature Schnauzers with CINDRA products. I just LOVE the Moisture Plus! Nothing else on the market can compare to wonderful feel of leg hair and beards after its use.


Giants with lots of leg hair can easily get lots of tangled hair. Not just on one human head, imagine for legs each about 10 - 13 inches long AND a beard worth of tangles! Cindra Moisture Plus made my job easier when I found out I could put it in a spray bottle and treat daily or every other day. During shampooing sessions, I would always finish off with non diluted Moisture Plus. Blowout and scissoring were a snap! The best part was - my hands always felt better after washing them with Cleansing Shampoo and Moisture Plus conditioner.


-- Susan Colinan Carr


I have used your products for about 20 years.We have a Pekingese Show Kennel in Ohio and I have bred, shown and handled for many years.

There are so many products that have many claims for making coats look their best, but through the years, I have returned to CINDRA Products. It is so helpful with dogs that have a loss of undercoat and are entered. Many times I used Supercoat to fill in the void of undercoat and pulled it off for a win. It makes the coat stand out and give the look of fullness without having the full undercoat desired. All the products treat the hair gently and it doesn't seem to make the hair clump together and feel dirty.

Every one of the problems I have had in the past have been solved with one of the many products you offer. For many years, I could not find your products and was really at a loss and I hope you will be available for many years, now that I have located you again. 

--Karen Schultz-Fries